⚑ Must read Tech news/tools of the day - Digest #13

⚑ Must read Tech news/tools of the day - Digest #13

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Β·Sep 14, 2021Β·

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articleImg Each day we handpick the best web content across different websites eg: Hackernews, Github, Reddit... to help you stay updated with the hottest trends!

Level up your πŸš€ skills with these Github repositories:


πŸ“™ ML-For-Beginners

πŸ‘€ microsoft | ⭐ +20,422 stars 12 weeks, 25 lessons, 50 quizzes, classic Machine Learning for all

πŸ“™ CVE-2021-40444

πŸ‘€ lockedbyte | ⭐ +844 stars CVE-2021-40444 PoC

πŸ“™ qlib

πŸ‘€ microsoft | ⭐ +5,994 stars Qlib is an AI-oriented quantitative investment platform, which aims to realize the potential, empower the research, and create the value of AI technologies in quantitative investment. With Qlib, you can easily try your ideas to create better Quant investment strategies.

πŸŽ‰ πŸ”₯ Hottest Devto posts :

πŸ“ DNS introduction

πŸ‘€ tcpdump-examples | πŸ‘ +27 reactions DNS is short for Domain Name System. It is simply a database that links meaningful names (known as...

πŸ“ how tcp connection works

πŸ‘€ tcpdump-examples | πŸ‘ +26 reactions This post describes how to see TCP connection establishment and termination as packets using tcpdump...

πŸ“ What is Open Source Debt? And How to repay it?

πŸ‘€ Rajvir Singh | πŸ‘ +21 reactions If you are a developer, then I would say you're in debt to unknown people. Don't worry it is good...

πŸ‘€ Keep an eye on these cool products too:

πŸ”§ EverAfter

πŸ”Ί +338 | πŸ’¬ +51 Build customer hubs for better onboarding and retention EverAfter

πŸ”§ Jurnee

πŸ”Ί +192 | πŸ’¬ +50 Plan unique team events in minutes Jurnee

πŸ”§ Infinity Automations

πŸ”Ί +119 | πŸ’¬ +23 Automate your workflow with IFTTT rules Infinity Automations

πŸ™Œ Wrap Up! That was all for this week.

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