⚑ Must read Tech news/tools of the day - Digest #5

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Level up your πŸš€ skills with these Github repositories:


πŸ“™ lifeRestart

πŸ‘€ VickScarlet | ⭐ +4,962 stars γ‚„γ‚Šη›΄γ™γ‚“γ γ€‚γγ—γ¦γ€ζ¬‘γ―γ†γΎγγ‚„γ‚‹γ€‚

πŸ“™ re3

πŸ‘€ GTAmodding | ⭐ +6,328 stars GTA III, Vice City

πŸ“™ C-Plus-Plus

πŸ‘€ TheAlgorithms | ⭐ +15,157 stars Collection of various algorithms in mathematics, machine learning, computer science and physics implemented in C++ for educational purposes.

πŸŽ‰ πŸ”₯ Hottest Devto posts :

πŸ“ AWS Load Balancer Controller on EKS Cluster

πŸ‘€ Sivamuthu Kumar | πŸ‘ +21 reactions Hello all, Let's see how to enable AWS Load Balancer Controller on EKS Cluster to integrate the AWS...

πŸ“ Animation React - Bem-te-vi

πŸ‘€ Gustavo Scarpim | πŸ‘ +23 reactions Today I'm bringing another animation made with GSAP / React, you can see in my github all the...

πŸ“ Middlewares in Go

πŸ‘€ Karan Kumar | πŸ‘ +30 reactions Today we will learn how to implement middlewares in Go and also we will learn how to chain the...

πŸ‘€ Keep an eye on these cool products too:

πŸ”§ SquareOne

πŸ”Ί +100 | πŸ’¬ +35 Breakup with CRM admin SquareOne

πŸ”§ Holly Health 2.0

πŸ”Ί +50 | πŸ’¬ +21 The adaptive and personalised burnout prevention coach Holly Health 2.0

πŸ”§ ETHTalk

πŸ”Ί +16 | πŸ’¬ +6 A comments widget for the Ethereum ecosystem ETHTalk

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