🔥 Trending News, Repos and Products of the day - Digest #59

🔥 Trending News, Repos and Products of the day - Digest #59

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·Nov 3, 2021·

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Level up your 🚀 skills with these Github repositories:


📙 Open-IM-Server

👤 OpenIMSDK | ⭐ +3,033 stars OpenIM:由前微信技术专家打造的基于 Go 实现的即时通讯(IM)项目,从服务端到客户端SDK开源即时通讯(IM)整体解决方案,可以轻松替代第三方IM云服务,打造具备聊天、社交功能的app。

📙 Data-Science-For-Beginners

👤 microsoft | ⭐ +5,557 stars 10 Weeks, 20 Lessons, Data Science for All!

📙 notifire

👤 notifirehq | ⭐ +1,855 stars 💌 产品的开源通知基础设施。轻松创建通知中心,多渠道向客户发送消息 | Notification Infrastructure

🎉 🔥 Hottest Devto posts :

📝 Creating an NFT on Solana with Metaplex Candy Machine.

👤 Devind Dev | 👍 +20 reactions Guide Overiew After what felt like walking through a mine field trying to figure out how...

📝 All Algorithms

👤 Danish Saleem | 👍 +23 reactions Searching Linear Search Binary Search Depth First Search Breadth First Search ...

📝 The Difference Between Web Scraping vs Web Crawling

👤 Stefan Smiljkovic | 👍 +20 reactions People sometimes wrongly use the terms web scraping and web crawling synonymously. Although they’re closely related, they’re different actions that need proper delineation — at least, so you can know which one is ideal for your needs at a certain point in time. And understand what the differences are.

👀 Keep an eye on these cool products too:

🔧 Image Upscaler

🔺 +359 | 💬 +41 Upscale and enhance your photo, animes and cartoons in batch Image Upscaler

🔧 Bonjour App for Zoom

🔺 +381 | 💬 +150 View and update Salesforce, within Zoom Bonjour App for Zoom

🔧 Signaturely

🔺 +128 | 💬 +21 Free eSignatures for life, free contract templates Signaturely

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