πŸ”₯ Trending News, Repos and Products of the day - Digest #89

πŸ”₯ Trending News, Repos and Products of the day - Digest #89

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Β·Dec 7, 2021Β·

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articleImg Each day we handpick the best web content across different websites eg: Hackernews, Github, Reddit... to help you stay updated with the hottest trends!

Level up your πŸš€ skills with these Github repositories:


πŸ“™ docs

πŸ‘€ github | ⭐ +7,434 stars The open-source repo for docs.github.com

πŸ“™ developer-roadmap

πŸ‘€ kamranahmedse | ⭐ +178,996 stars Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2021

πŸ“™ javascript-algorithms

πŸ‘€ trekhleb | ⭐ +127,969 stars πŸ“ Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings

πŸŽ‰ πŸ”₯ Hottest Devto posts :

πŸ“ Mint an NFT for FREE and sell it on Opensea [Complete guide]

πŸ‘€ kapeel kokane | πŸ‘ +32 reactions For the past few months, we have been hearing a lot about the word web3. Experts are hinting that...

πŸ“ The Basics of Local Storage in React JS!

πŸ‘€ Saleh Mubashar | πŸ‘ +29 reactions Hi guys! Saving user progress and any temporary information is very essential in a web application....

πŸ“ Security and Authentication in MongoDB

πŸ‘€ The Nerdy Dev | πŸ‘ +26 reactions Hey guys πŸ‘‹πŸ», In this article, let us understand about Security and Authentication in MongoDB. We will...

πŸ‘€ Keep an eye on these cool products too:

πŸ”§ Alfread

πŸ”Ί +206 | πŸ’¬ +48 Actually read articles saved for later Alfread

πŸ”§ Zero to MVP with No-code

πŸ”Ί +158 | πŸ’¬ +60 The ultimate guide to build apps without coding Zero to MVP with No-code

πŸ”§ SQL playground

πŸ”Ί +42 | πŸ’¬ +3 Free private sample PostgreSQL databases SQL playground

πŸ™Œ Wrap Up! That was all for this week.

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